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# Merge copies non persisted properties too
When merging an entity in UoW not only mapped properties are copied, but also others.
+# Query, QueryBuilder and NativeQuery parameters *BC break*
+From now on, parameters in queries is an ArrayCollection instead of a simple array.
+This affects heavily the usage of setParameters(), because it will not append anymore
+parameters to query, but will actually override the already defined ones.
+Whenever you are retrieving a parameter (ie. $query->getParameter(1)), you will
+receive an instance of Query\Parameter, which contains the methods "getName",
+"getValue" and "getType". Parameters are also only converted to when necessary, and
+not when they are set.
+Also, related functions were affected:
+* execute(ArrayCollection $parameters, $hydrationMode)
+* iterate(ArrayCollection $parameters, $hydrationMode)
+* setParameters(ArrayCollection $parameters)
+* getParameters()
+* getParameter($key)

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