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Commits on Apr 4, 2015
  1. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1368 from TomasVotruba/patch-2

    Ocramius authored
    Readme: coverage badge for 2.4 added
  2. @TomasVotruba
Commits on Apr 3, 2015
  1. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1366 from shieldo/patch-3

    Ocramius authored
    [Documentation] typo fixes
  2. @shieldo

    [Documentation] typo fixes

    shieldo authored
  3. @zeroedin-bill

    Merge pull request #1364 from shieldo/embeddedables

    zeroedin-bill authored
    [Documentation] correct naming of Embeddable Objects feature
  4. @shieldo
  5. @zeroedin-bill
  6. @shieldo

    remove disclaimer about ORM 2.5 being in beta

    shieldo authored shieldo committed
  7. @Ocramius

    Correcting `ObjectHydrator` logic: if an `array` is a default value f…

    Ocramius authored
    …or a collection-valued property, it should be cast to a `Collection`
  8. @Ocramius

    Correcting static introspection issue in cache specific tests (`null`…

    Ocramius authored
    … was being passed to a `PersistentCollection`)
  9. @Ocramius
  10. @Ocramius
  11. @TomasVotruba
  12. @TomasVotruba

    Readme: nicer badges

    TomasVotruba authored
  13. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1362 from TomasVotruba/patch-2

    Ocramius authored
    Readme: badges for 2.5 added; 2.3- dropped
  14. @TomasVotruba

    Readme: badges for 2.5 added; 2.3- dropped

    TomasVotruba authored
    If I understand [2.5 release info]( correctly, 2.4 will have last bugfix, then security fixes. I suppose then 2.3 and lower are in EOL, thus not needed to check badge for. Also they don't have any branch.
Commits on Apr 2, 2015
  1. @Ocramius

    Reverting BC break: `PersistentConnection#__construct()` now accepts …

    Ocramius authored
    …`null|array|Collection` again
  2. @Ocramius
  3. @Ocramius

    `PersistentCollection` should still accept `null` and `array` as cons…

    Ocramius authored
    …tructor argument, as it did before
  4. @Ocramius
  5. @Ocramius

    Hydration of fetch-joined results fails when an entity has a default …

    Ocramius authored
    …value of `array` for the collection property
  6. @Ocramius
  7. @stedekay
  8. @Ocramius
  9. @shiroyuki
  10. @Ocramius
  11. @Ocramius

    Preparing for v2.5.0 release

    Ocramius authored
  12. @Ocramius
  13. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1358 from zerocrates/patch-1

    Ocramius authored
    Update docs for clear-cache commands
  14. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1355 from scaytrase/patch-1

    Ocramius authored
    [Docs] TablePrefix example - Check for being the owning side
  15. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #1357 from DavidPrevot/exec

    Ocramius authored
    Drop useless execution bit
Commits on Apr 1, 2015
  1. @zerocrates
  2. @DavidPrevot
  3. @scaytrase

    Check for the being owning side

    scaytrase authored
    * Small fix do get rid of notice `undefined index 'joinTable'` as the inverse side does not declare `joinTable` at all.
    * Shortened access to `$classMetadata->associationMappings[$fieldName]` for read accesses to increase readability
Commits on Mar 31, 2015
  1. @Ocramius

    Bumping version to v2.5.0-DEV

    Ocramius authored
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