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Jira issue originally created by user romanb:

Changeset 6348 introduced unsigned/fixed properties for column metadata. Unsigned is completely unportable and fixed is unnecessary (we could simply introduce a fixed string type for this).

These 2 properties need to be removed.


Comment created by 'romanb':

[Comment from guilhermeblanco:]

Ok, perfect!

We could easily drop it. But I'd also suggest that we simplify the SchemaManagers?, since it does a lot of weird things (looks like an imported piece of 1.X code) to return a better handled (and more useful) information for us.

Also... we should even consider moving that piece of code to ORM, since it's an ORM specific information (converts DBAL datatypes to ORM datatypes).


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"


Comment created by 'rsauvat_inet':

Sorry to comment on an old bug but I have a problem. I understand why you want to remove the unsigned property and you proposed to remove the fixed property and implement a fixedstring type. But the problem is you removed the fixed property without implementing the new type so with Doctrine 2 it is not possible to create CHAR columns instead of VARCHAR which is different performance and storage wise in the database.


Comment created by '@beberlei':

You can, use the columnDefinition http://www.doctrine-project.org/docs/orm/2.0/en/reference/annotations-reference.html#annref-column or just define your own type.

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