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DDC-1034: Registered lifecycle callbacks of derived classes have unexpected call sequence #1623

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Jira issue originally created by user bart:

Create an abstract base class (@InheritanceType("JOINED")) and a derived class, both having the annotation @HasLifecycleCallbacks and both having a method with annotation @PostLoad (different method names). The sequence of methods being called when an object is loaded from the database is not as expected.

Expected output:
Called Che\Tmp\BaseClass::PostLoadBase
Called Che\Tmp\DerivedClass::PostLoadDerived
(base value, derived value)

Actual output:
Called Che\Tmp\BaseClass::PostLoadBase
Called Che\Tmp\DerivedClass::PostLoadDerived
Called Che\Tmp\BaseClass::PostLoadBase
(base value)

Test code:
See attachment for classes

// Assume there is an entity manager $em
// Create object
$newDerived = new \Che\Tmp\DerivedClass();

// Fetch object
$derived = $em->findById('\Che\Tmp\DerivedClass', 1);

Possible problem cause

ClassMetadataInfo::addLifecycleCallback($callback, $event) method has a note 'If the same callback is registered more than once, the old one will be overridden'. We are not sure whether this is the case.


Comment created by @beberlei:



Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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