DDC-1051: Generated SQL Query Missing Table/Join Constraint leading to SQL Syntax Error #1642

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Jira issue originally created by user webb.roger:

SELECT u, uc, ur
FROM ARN\EntityBundle\Entity\Users u
INNER JOIN u.contact_info uc
INNER JOIN u.user_roles ur
WHERE u.username = :username

Generates the following SQL Query

SELECT u0.user_id AS user_id0, u0_.username AS username1, u0_.password AS password2, u0_.contact_info_id AS contact_info_id3, u0_.user_active AS user_active4, u0_.user_date AS user_date5, u0_.office_id AS office_id6, u0_.superuser AS superuser7, c1_.contact_info_id AS contact_info_id8, c1_.first_name AS first_name9, c1_.last_name AS last_name10, c1_.address AS address11, c1_.city_id AS city_id12, c1_.zip AS zip13, c1_.email AS email14, u2_.user_role_id AS user_role_id15, u2_.role AS role16, u0_.contact_info_id AS contact_info_id17, c1_.city_id AS city_id18 FROM users u0_ INNER JOIN contact_info c1_ ON u0_.contact_info_id = c1_.contact_info_id INNER JOIN WHERE u0_.userid = ?')

Notice the "INNER JOIN WHERE", this is the problem.

The mapping is as follows:


 * @orm:OneToMany(targetEntity="UserRoles", mappedBy="user")
protected $user_roles;


 * @ManyToOne(targetEntity="Users", inversedBy="user_roles")
 * @JoinColumn(name="user*id", referencedColumnName="user*id")
protected $user;

Let me know if you need any more information. Happy to help. Thanks.


Comment created by webb.roger:

Problem was due to a missing "orm:" prefix for symfony annotations. Thanks.


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