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DDC-115: Two ClassMetadata instances for an entity in global namespace #1750

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Jira issue originally created by user @beberlei:

The global namespace creates problems for entities that are retrieved via getClassMetadata($className) when $className is not prepended by "\". This is only a problem in the global namespace, because in other instances a slash might be present and the metadata factory does not find the relevant previously generated ClassMetadata instance.

This problem specifically occours with Annotations Mapping, since ReflectionClass::getName() returns the class name unqualified.

php -r 'namespace Foo { $r = new \ReflectionClass("\stdClass"); echo $r->getName();} '

I attached a Test-Case that proves this behaviour. It requires the additional attached Global namespace model data.


Comment created by @beberlei:

[20:20:55] <beberlei> guilhermeblanco: the problem is that ReflectionClass->getName() returns the name without prepended namespace operator for global classes
[20:27:43] <guilhermeblanco> beberlei: so it's a bug in ReflectionClass
[20:27:51] <guilhermeblanco> can't you just do get_class($instance)?
[20:28:11] <beberlei> no its the annotations mapping
[20:28:22] <beberlei> its using ReflectionClass::getName()
[20:29:13] <guilhermeblanco> hm...
[20:29:22] <guilhermeblanco> give me a second... I wanna test something
[20:31:33] <beberlei> i all attach test and classes to a bug
[20:32:43] <guilhermeblanco> weird
[20:32:54] <guilhermeblanco> beberlei: let me show you something
[20:33:37] <beberlei>[DDC-115](
[20:33:50] <beberlei> the problem is ReflectionClass->getName() has to be backwards compatible
[20:34:19] <guilhermeblanco> beberlei:
[20:34:54] <beberlei> oh
[20:34:57] <beberlei> they all strip it?
[20:35:04] <beberlei> we need a normalize method
[20:35:41] <guilhermeblanco> let me go further
[20:35:47] <guilhermeblanco> I wanna check if it's not a PHP bug
[20:37:53] <guilhermeblanco> beberlei:
[20:48:22] <beberlei> its not a bug yeah, but then we need to extend ClassMetadataFactory to prepend each $className which has none with the namespace separator
[20:48:34] <beberlei> hasMetadata getMetadata setMetadata

Comment created by @beberlei:

Committing a patch that adds the following snippet:

if($className[0] == "\\") {
    $className = substr($className, 1);

to each of the following methods of ClassMetadataFactory:

setMetadataFor($className, $class)

Comment created by @beberlei:

Applied to trunk, Can someone verify this is ok?


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"


Comment created by romanb:

Not sure I understand this. As I said in another issue class names in strings are always considered fully qualified by php. A leading backslash in class names in strings should never be used it is completely unnecessary.

The patch is problematic because the methods they're applied to are one of the most-called methods and they were already "slow enough" previously.

If there is a problem and the problem is only with models in the global namespace then this should not be fixed. User-defined classes dont belong in the global namespace, ever.


Comment created by @beberlei:

We found the true issue.

Several methods in ClassMetadataInfo assumed when no slash was prepended that a shortcut is used and prepends its own namespace plus a NS. This caused the problem which is now fixed by additionally checking for strlen($this->namespace) on this positions.

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