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DDC-1154: Proxies should take convention while loading *ToOne associations to reduce 1 extra query #1755

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Jira issue originally created by user @guilhermeblanco:

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[2:38pm] guilhermeblanco: beberlei: ping
[2:38pm] guilhermeblanco: I'm curious about a feature if Doctrine supports
[2:38pm] guilhermeblanco: if we do this on a proxy:
[2:38pm] guilhermeblanco: $proxy->getOneToOneAssoc()
[2:39pm] guilhermeblanco: shouldn't Doctrine already populate the assoc entity?
[2:39pm] guilhermeblanco: it would be an inner join
[2:39pm] beberlei: how would doctrine know it needs it?
[2:39pm] guilhermeblanco: beberlei: it always repass the ClassMetadata to Persister
[2:40pm] guilhermeblanco: so all needed item is to also pass the fieldname/assocname
[2:40pm] beberlei: but how would doctrine know getOneToOneASsoc() really returns this assoc
[2:40pm] beberlei: it could contain any logic
[2:40pm] guilhermeblanco: it wouldn't... but as soon as we trigger **load($fieldName)
[2:40pm] guilhermeblanco: we know that we could populate not only the Proxy, but also assoc
[2:40pm] beberlei: by convention?
[2:40pm] guilhermeblanco: ya
[2:41pm] beberlei: sounds good, can you open a ticket?
[2:41pm] guilhermeblanco: getUser() would trigger **load('user')
[2:41pm] guilhermeblanco: sure!
[2:41pm] guilhermeblanco: I'll pastie this as content... it would be awesome to have
[2:41pm] guilhermeblanco: I see a lot of queries here that could be optimized 
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