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DDC-1194: Problem using Instance of feature #1799

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Jira issue originally created by user hrajchert:

Hi, i get this error message when executing a query with INSTANCE OF.
Notice: Undefined index: \model\PeopleTaskRecommendFriends in /usr/share/php/Doctrine/ORM/Query/SqlWalker.php on line 1626

The query to be executed is this:

                $query = $this->_em->createQuery("SELECT pt
                                          FROM \model\PeopleTask pt
                                          WHERE pt instance of \model\PeopleTaskRecommendFriends

The query actually being executed is this:

SELECT t0*.int_people_task_id AS int_people_task_id0, t0_.int_people_id AS int_people_id1, t0_.dtm_creation AS dtm_creation2, t0_.bit_completed AS bit_completed3, t0_.vch_names AS vch_names4, t0_.int_task_type_id AS int_task_type_id5 FROM tbl_xref_people_task t0_ WHERE (t0_.int_task_type_id = '') AND t0_.int_task_type*id IN ('1', '2')

The first problem is that for some reason its translating the query with a wrong where clause, so of course no data is returned.

Here is the model

------------------------------------------ Base class----------------------------------------
 * @Entity(repositoryClass="repository\PeopleTaskRepository")
 * @InheritanceType("SINGLE_TABLE")
 * @DiscriminatorColumn(name="int*task_type*id", type="integer")
 * @DiscriminatorMap({1 = "PeopleTaskRecommendFriends", 2 = "PeopleTaskAddBadge"})
 * @Table(name="tbl*xref_people*task")
abstract class PeopleTask extends BaseModel {

     * @Id
     * @GeneratedValue
     ** @Column(type="integer") **/
    protected $int*people_task*id;

    /*** @Column(type="integer") **/
    protected $int*people*id;

    /*** @Column(type="datetime") **/
    protected $dtm_creation;

    /*** @Column(type="bit")**/
    protected $bit_completed;

    /*** @Column(length=255) **/
    protected $vch_names;


----------------------------------------------------Children class-----------------------------------------------

 * @Entity(repositoryClass="repository\peopleTask\PeopleTaskRecommendFriendsRepository")
class PeopleTaskRecommendFriends extends PeopleTask {
 /** some methods **/


Comment created by @beberlei:

A fix for this is probably just ommitting the prefix \ infront of the model in the DQL. Class Names in Strings are ALWAYS fully qualified, therefore the leading slash has to be omitted.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Improved error handling when in "a INSTANCE OF b" the classes a and b are unrelated.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"


Comment created by hrajchert:

Thanks, that did solve my problem.

On a related note, for the original query i had to do this:
$qb->andWhere('pt INSTANCE OF '.$task_type);
instead of this
$qb->andWhere('pt INSTANCE OF :taskType');
$qb->setParameter('taskType', $task_type);

because it complains about the parameter not being a metadata type, and i couldnt find a way to get the metadata type.

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