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DDC-1248: Documentation regarding prePersist and postPersist events a bit lacking #1857

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Jira issue originally created by user helmer:

Please make it more clear that prePersist and postPersist events are called only when creating new entity (that is, prior and after a database insert).

IRC log:
Hi. I have a question regarding (pre|post)persist events. Why are the events ignored for second persist (should fire prePersist) + flush (should fire postPersist) in the following pastie: Is it a bug or am I missing sth?
helmer: there is no second persist. persist() means saying Doctrine to manage the entity. Once it is managed, you are not persisting it anymore but updating it
Stof: so basically one could define these two events for themselves as (pre|post)Insert?
thanks beberlei&stof! though a suggestion to docteam .. perhaps make it more clear to people like me, current doc can be kind of misleading ie: "There are two ways for the prePersist event to be triggered. One is obviously when you call EntityManager#persist()" []

Pastie code (probably expired by now):
$entity = new Entity();



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