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DDC-1281: ORM uses BasicEntityPersister instead of JoinedSubclassPersister on a JOINED inheritance #1894

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Jira issue originally created by user yourwebmaker:

I have these classes: (read the comments to see the stracktrace)

If I try:
$entity = $em->find('Usuario', $id);
I got this error: Class does not exist.

This is looking weird because, analyzing the stacktrace, the ORM loads the proxy through the BasicEntityPersister instead of JoinedSubclassPersister.

I've been discussed about this on:

Daniel Lima


Comment created by @beberlei:

It seems your mappings are wrong, the @JoinColumn maps to a column named CODPERFILUSUARIO, but that is not the ID of the Joined Entity base class.


Comment created by yourwebmaker:

There was a wrong column definition on discriminator column:

On the DATABASE was: CHAR(30).

The hydrator filled discriminator column with "F " or "J " (with blank spaces), making it impossible to Discriminator map to locate the related classes.

I think it´s a bug with OCI driver or Doctrine´s Hydrator.


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Comment created by @beberlei:

That is how oracle works. It right pads chars.

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