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Jira issue originally created by user ericclemmons:

My tweet:

@beberlei Have you heard of overriding the ProxyFactory to allow caching of lazy-loaded entities? Trying to do that now :)

The majority of our data is quite stagnant and so I was shoehorning the capability of the generated proxies to use a custom class.

My new proxy, in short, will lazy-load the data as normal the first time around, but also stores it in Memcache using an injected adapter. Upon subsequent lazy-loading, memcache is used rather than a call to the DB.

I can't decide if this is better suited for the EntityPersister (which has already been discussed at length), but it seems to fits nicely with a custom proxy.


Comment created by @beberlei:

This is the wrong extension point to override the proxy factory. It should be in the persisters.


Comment created by ericclemmons:

Ah, so my doubts were well founded.

The branch allowing custom EntityPersisters has not been merged in yet, has it? Or, a better question, will it be? That will dicate if I need to maintain a separate fork for this functionality or find other means to handle this.

I know how hesitant we were for adding any extension point, because then we feel we have to support it, which makes me wonder if "LifeCycleCallback::preFetch" or similar is a potential alternative.


Comment created by c960657:

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