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DDC-1474: Selecting expressions involving the unary minus operator will not work, whereas the EBNF syntax definitions for DQL say they should #2104

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Jira issue originally created by user dalvarez:

DQL queries like:

SELECT - someEntity.someNumericField FROM \SomeEntity someEntity

will result in a syntax error:

[Syntax Error] line 0, col 7: Error: Expected IdentificationVariable | StateFieldPathExpression | AggregateExpression | "(" Subselect ")" | ScalarExpression, got '-''

I think this should work, because the relevant EBNF definitions state the following:

SimpleSelectExpression  ::= ScalarExpression | IdentificationVariable |
                            (AggregateExpression [["AS"] AliasResultVariable])
ScalarExpression       ::= SimpleArithmeticExpression | StringPrimary | DateTimePrimary | StateFieldPathExpression
                           BooleanPrimary | EntityTypeExpression | CaseExpression
SimpleArithmeticExpression ::= ArithmeticTerm {("<ins>" | "-") ArithmeticTerm}*
ArithmeticTerm             ::= ArithmeticFactor {("**" | "/") ArithmeticFactor}**
ArithmeticFactor           ::= [("</ins>" ]( "-")) ArithmeticPrimary
ArithmeticPrimary          ::= SingleValuedPathExpression | Literal | "(" SimpleArithmeticExpression ")"
                               | FunctionsReturningNumerics | AggregateExpression | FunctionsReturningStrings
                               | FunctionsReturningDatetime | IdentificationVariable | InputParameter | CaseExpression
SingleValuedPathExpression                ::= StateFieldPathExpression | SingleValuedAssociationPathExpression
StateFieldPathExpression                  ::= IdentificationVariable "." StateField | SingleValuedAssociationPathExpression "." StateField

Therefore, the expression "- someEntity.someField" is a legitimate arithmetic factor, which ultimately should be a legitimate scalar expression too, which is a legitimate simple select expression.

Fortunately, this is easy to work around, by simply subtracting from zero, like in:

SELECT 0 - someEntity.someNumericField FROM \SomeEntity someEntity

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