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DDC-1529: Multiple FROM Entities and inheritance #2161

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Jira issue originally created by user lutangar:

I got a single table inheritance on an object Content (Program, Article, etc...)

when try a simple :
$query = $this->_em->createQuery('
FROM SG\CmsBundle\Entity\Article a, SG\ProgramBundle\Entity\Program p');

The generated sql is :
SELECT AS id0, s0_.title AS title1, s0_.description AS description2, s0_.tags AS tags3, s0_.keywords AS keywords4, s0_.robots AS robots5, s0_.author_name AS author_name6, s0_.fb_description AS fb_description7, s0_.type AS type8, s0_.is_active AS is_active9, s0_.is_deleted AS is_deleted10, s0_.is_published AS is_published11, s0_.published_at AS published_at12, s0_.unpublished_at AS unpublished_at13, s0_.slug AS slug14, s0_.created_at AS created_at15, s0_.updated_at AS updated_at16, s0_.lft AS lft17, s0_.rgt AS rgt18, s0_.root AS root19, s0_.lvl AS lvl20, AS id21, s1_.title AS title22, s1_.description AS description23, s1_.tags AS tags24, s1_.keywords AS keywords25, s1_.robots AS robots26, s1_.author_name AS author_name27, s1_.fb_description AS fb_description28, s1_.type AS type29, s1_.is_active AS is_active30, s1_.is_deleted AS is_deleted31, s1_.is_published AS is_published32, s1_.published_at AS published_at33, s1_.unpublished_at AS unpublished_at34, s1_.slug AS slug35, s1_.created_at AS created_at36, s1_.updated_at AS updated_at37, s1_.lft AS lft38, s1_.rgt AS rgt39, s1_.root AS root40, s1_.lvl AS lvl41, s0_.kind AS kind42, s0_.parent_id AS parent_id43, s0_.template_article_id AS template_article_id44, s0_.template_page_id AS template_page_id45, s0_.author_id AS author_id46, s1_.kind AS kind47, s1_.parent_id AS parent_id48, s1_.template_article_id AS template_article_id49, s1_.template_page_id AS template_page_id50, s1_.author_id AS author_id51 FROM sg_content s0_, sg_content s1_ WHERE (s0_.kind IN ('Article') AND AND s1.kind IN ('Program'))

The only problem is, we got an extra AND at the end of the query, the query should look smthin like this :
SELECT ... WHERE (s0.kind IN ('Article') AND s1.kind IN ('Program'))


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

Invalid for 2.2. I couldn't track the exact commit this was fixed, so I'll keep fix version for 2.3.
Coverage commit reference: febfe35


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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