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Hi there,
I'm wondering myself if the QueryBuilder::getQuery is a good method name.
Actually, a getMethodObject makes me think that I can use many times the getMethodObject and work with the same object.
e.g :

$qb->getQuery()->useResultCache (true);

In my code, the problem is that getQuery return a new instance of Query each time that I call getQuery.
Furthermore, the getQuery method invoke a createQuery method.

So, maybe the QueryBuiler::getQuery can store a reference to the created Query instance, and if the QueryBuilder::getQuery is call many times without any change return the stored instance.
If the QueryBuilder::getQuery have to generate a new Query, throw an exception or something like that.

Because of a change to QueryBuilder::createQuery is a major change, I don't think that It could be the solution, but it's a reflexion around this.

What do you think about that ?


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This includes a BC break.
Marking as won't fix.


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I would love to see this fixed in Doctrine 3. I am a long time user of doctrine (4+ years now) and a combination of the get prefix and the fluent interface of QueryBuilder led me to believe that getQuery would always return the same instance of Doctrine\ORM\Query.

A bad assumption to make, but one that resulted in a 2yr+ bug for us and a bit of a sharp edge!

@guilhermeblanco is this something you would consider revisiting for v3?

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There're a number of changes we're planning to do for v3. And yes, this is one of them. =)


@guilhermeblanco brilliant, thanks 😄

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This looks invalid to me btw: no interface can guarantee returning the same object over multiple calls (there is no way to make that type safe anyway).

The QueryBuilder already defies a lot of rules of good OO, but it's the nature of this object. getQuery is actually a cast operation, and doesn't cache the returned value (correctly, IMO).


@Ocramius I understand your point and I don't necessarily think that getQuery should cache the result. I think this is less to do with OO/type safety, and more to do with DX/consistency.

Doctrine already has methods prefixed with create that return newly constructed objects, I think that signifies that the difference between get and create would be significant**, especially in this example where QueryBuilder::getQuery is a wrapper for EntityManagerInterface::createQuery.

** I mean specifically for methods that return objects

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@peterjmit agree, we should probably move away from get* methods, and instead call it toQuery (or similar), which indeed expresses a completely different intent

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