DDC-1551: postFlush event listeners should be able to get a list of all flushed entities #2186

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Jira issue originally created by user acasademont:

Testing the new Doctrine 2.2 Beta we finally got the postFlush event which is a nice way to handle things after all the DB work has finished. The main problem is that there is no way to get all the flushed entities. In the onFlush event you are able to use the getScheduledEntityUpdates/Inserts/Deletions but as these entities are flushed, those arrays are now empty. To solve this i see 2 aproaches:

  1. Not unseting the array that holds the scheduled entities so the getScheduledEntityUpdates/Inserts/Deletions still have data. Those arrays are reset just before finishing the commit method so maybe unsetting them one by one as they are flushed is not necessary
  2. Unset the arrays but at the same time, fill another "flushedEntities" array with the flushed entities and then be able to get that array with a getFlushedEntities method

I can make a patch if necessary, just wanted to know if that sounds ok before starting it :)


Comment created by jasper@nerdsweide.nl:

I agree that Doctrine\ORM\Event\PreFlushEventArgs should contain a record of flushed entities, preferably reachable by entity-insertions/updates/deletions and collection-updates/deletions.

I have a project (using Doctrine 2.1) which wrapped the flush call in my own. My flush dispatches custom preFlush/postFlush events (as they didn't exist in Doctrine 2.1), where my postFlushEventArgs does contain such a record. I've just upgraded my project to use Doctrine 2.2 and stumbled upon:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Nw\Event\EntityEvent::postFlush() must be an instance of Nw\Event\Args\PostFlushEventArgs, instance of Doctrine\ORM\Event\PostFlushEventArgs given.

It seems I've now hooked into Doctrine's postFlush (because I named the events the same way). I have renamed my events to work around this error, but I'd rather see my behavior implemented natively.

PS: Using Doctrine 2.2.2 to be precise :)

@beberlei beberlei was assigned by doctrinebot Dec 6, 2015

Hi @beberlei ,
I just submitted a pull request to try to implement this issue, please have a look at the PR.


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