DDC-1605: No documentation about the usage of indexes with YAML and XML #2244

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Jira issue originally created by user naitsirch:

I am missing documentation about how to handle indexes in YAML and XML definition files. I had to search in the code to learn how to do that.
Please add some documentation about it.

This issue is related to #DDC-160 where the reporter asked for documentation about indexes in annotation mapping.

Maybe an example how I have done it with YAML would be helpful for others:

  type: entity
      id: true
      type: integer
        strategy: IDENTITY
      type: string
      length: 150
      unique: true
      type: boolean
    indexActiveField: { name: idx*user*active, columns: [ active ] }

indexActiveField is the name of the index used by doctrine and idx*user*active is the name of the index in the database. The rest should be clear.


Comment created by naitsirch:

Hi. I got an email notification that arbuscula has changed the status to "Awaiting Feedback". Do you need any feedback from me?

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