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DDC-1614: On OneToOne mappings with Primary Key same as Foreign Key, using @Id in the foreign association does not carry over when running "generate-entities" with --generate-annotations=1 #2254

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Jira issue originally created by user rfink:

When having a OneToOne mapping that has a primary key that is the same as the foreign key, using the @Id attribute does not carry over when generating entities.

Example code:

class User
* @Id @Column(type="integer", nullable=false, columnDefinition="INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT")
* @GeneratedValue(strategy="AUTO")
private $id;

 * @OneToOne(targetEntity="User_ExtraAttrs", cascade={"persist","remove","detach","merge","refresh"}, mappedBy="User")
 * @JoinColumn(name="id", referencedColumnName="id")
private $UserAttrs;


class User_ExtraAttrs
* @OneToOne(targetEntity="User", cascade={"all"}, inversedBy="UserAttrs")
* @Id
* @JoinColumn(name="VehicleID", referencedColumnName="VehicleID")
private $User;

When running "doctrine orm:generate-entities --regenerate-entities=1 --generate-annotations=1", the @Id in User_ExtraAttrs does not carry over. It must be manually inserted.

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