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DDC-166: When entity is moved from one collection to another, it is still considered "orphaned" #2303

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Jira issue originally created by user ablock:

If I remove an entity from a PersistentCollection, the UnitOfWork marks is as "orphaned" (assuming I set that in my entity). If I then move the entity to another collection, this status doesn't get removed, and the UnitOfWork deletes it.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Hm i think this should be marked as bug


Comment created by @beberlei:

Attached a patch to fix this issue, but its not really final yet.

Architectural questions:

  1. Are PersistentCollection::add() and PersistentCollection::remove() the only cases where unscheduleOrphanRemoval() is necessary? What about simple ArrayCollections on a new entity?
  2. What about TO_ONE associations with orphan removal?

Comment created by @beberlei:

Patch that solves the issue with ArrayCollections that cannot unschedule orphan removals themselves.

Now only the problem with ONETO_ONE relation persists. However this means we might need a new UnitOfWork instance variable. The reason for this is that the Orphan removal of ONE_TOONE is detected in "UnitOfWork::computeChangeSets". We cannot use the current "UnitOfWork::unscheduleOrphanRemoval" for this, since it would fail on the following ordering problem:

  1. Entity B unschedule Orphan Removal
  2. Entity A schedule Orphan Removal again (#fail)

Comment created by @beberlei:

We discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that this behavior is not a bug rather a documentation issue.

Enabling orphanRemoval=true is the semantical equivalent of saying that the orphan entity is privately owned by the parent. That means it should not be re-used!

If you want to re-use entities you should rather look into explicit $em->remove() calls or using cascade=remove.

I updated the documentation accordingly.


Issue was closed with resolution "Invalid"

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