DDC-1721: LIKE clausule should accept functions on the pattern #2371

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Jira issue originally created by user ignaciolarranaga:

SELECT .... WHERE upper(n.title) LIKE upper(:filter)

should be a valid SQL, now is rejected because the walker only accept a variable or an string expression.

I'm adding a patch to address this.


Comment created by ignaciolarranaga:

Sorry the Parser has to be modified also to allow expressions to be recognized, I'm attaching the necessary patch.


Comment created by @beberlei:

I am sure there is a reason why the walker doesn't accept this such as not all supported vendors allowing functions in right hand side LIKE expressions, but i am not sure about this.


Comment created by darkangel:

This is not possible either:

WHERE CASE WHEN p.name IS NULL THEN u.username ELSE p.name END LIKE :name


Comment created by thomas303:

In my case it worked when using "=" instead of "LIKE".

(CASE WHEN (Book.id = BookFrom.id) THEN BookTo.displayName ELSE BookFrom.displayName END) = :name

//[Syntax Error] line 0, col 1217: Error: Expected =, <, <=, <>, >, >=, !=, got 'LIKE'
(CASE WHEN (Book.id = BookFrom.id) THEN BookTo.displayName ELSE BookFrom.displayName END) LIKE :name

So the LIKE operator only needs to be allowed here.

I'm wondering which vendor should not be able to handle that:
The CASE WHEN ... THEN ... END is documented in DQL, and allowed.
LIKE itself is allowed.
If an RDBMs cannot use CASE WHEN and LIKE in combination, this would be a strange limitation.


Comment created by thadafinser:

Having the same problem here.

LIKE + CASE is often used in my application at the WHERE part.
(e.g. data filtering of a datagrid column)

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