DDC-1771: CLI generation of proxies for abstract STI base classes #2423

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Jira issue originally created by user breathe:

When I use the CLI tool to generate proxies manually (orm:generate-proxies), a proxy is generated for the abstract entity below, but this proxy is not declared abstract itself. The entity contains abstract methods, and the proxy obviously does not implement these methods, so it, too, must be declared abstract. Because it is not, the next time I try to generate proxies in this manner, I receive a PHP Fatal error:

Class Proxies*CG*\Ranking\AbstractRule contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Ranking\AbstractRule::myAbstractMethod)

My workaround is to delete this proxy first and then regenerate. While a minor inconvenience at this point, it would be great if the proxy generation code could mark proxies as abstract when necessary to avoid these errors.

Thank you.

-- Entity


  • @Entity
  • @InheritanceType("SINGLE_TABLE")
  • @DiscriminatorColumn(name="rankingrule_typeid", type="integer")
  • @DiscriminatorMap({
  • 1 = "ConcreteRuleOne",
  • 2 = "ConcreteRuleTwo",
  • 3 = "ConcreteRuleThree"
  • })
  • @Table(name="ranking_rules") */ abstract class AbstractRule {

-- Generated proxy


  • THIS CLASS WAS GENERATED BY THE DOCTRINE ORM. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. */ class AbstractRule extends \Ranking\AbstractRule implements \Doctrine\ORM\Proxy\Proxy {

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Comment created by breathe:

Thank you, sir.

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