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DDC-1803: Paginator usage with a DQL query that is using 2 time the same named binded value failed #2459

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Jira issue originally created by user mdrolet:

I use a dql query where I bind a named parameter 2 time in the same query for different joined fields. The query work but the count query failed saying that there are missing bind variable.

$qb = $this->getQueryBuilder()
partial fl.{id, title, listing_date, abstract},
partial fla.{id},
partial ca.{id},
partial ds.{id}
->from('Fo_Listing', 'fl')
->join('fl.listing_properties', 'flp')
->join('', 'fp')
->leftjoin('fl.listing_assets', 'fla')
->leftjoin('fla.asset', 'ca')
->leftjoin('ca.ds', 'ds')
->where(' = :propertyId')
->setParameter('propertyId', $id)
->andWhere('fl.objectstatusid <> :deleted')
->setParameter('deleted', CoRefObjectStatus::DELETE)
->andWhere('fl.publishingstatusid = :published')
->setParameter('published', CoRefPublishingStatus::PUBLISHED)
->andWhere('fp.objectstatusid <> :deleted')
->setParameter('deleted', CoRefObjectStatus::DELETE)
->andWhere('fp.publishingstatusid = :published')
->setParameter('published', CoRefPublishingStatus::PUBLISHED)
->add('orderBy', 'fl.listingdate DESC, fl.publisheddate DESC')

    $onTheMarket = new Paginator($qb, $fetchJoin = true);

To make it work, I've renamed the second usage of the named variable with a 2 at the end. deleted2 and published2.


Comment created by @ocramius:

This seems to be quite old. [~mdrolet] is it still valid with the latest ORM?


Comment created by mdrolet:

I'll try to test this problem on an updated version and I'll let you know.
The bug entry is also quite old and I've a local modified version of the paginator here to make it work with oracle, so it can take some time before I can test this out on the current doctrine version.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Ok, marking as awaiting feedback

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