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DDC-1819: Allow ResultSetMapping to be used for objects that are not entities #2476

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Jira issue originally created by user marijn:

Currently Doctrine\ORM\Query\ResultSetMapping can only be used to query the database for entities using the EntityManager::createNativeQuery method. It would be great if we could use this as well for objects that are not entities. That way we can create simple DTO's and map them to a query using the ResultSetMapping.

I'll open a PR If there are no objections.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Good idea. You could make this happen by adding a ArbitraryObjectHydrator that does not use the ClassMetadata but creates ReflectionProperty instances during the hydration.

Api would then be:

$rsm = new ResultSetMapping();

$query = $em->createNativeQuery($sql, $rsm);
$objects = $query->getResult(Query::HYDRATOR*ARBITRARY*OBJECTS);

Comment created by marijn:

Thanks for your input. I'll try to work on some tests this week.

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