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Jira issue originally created by user dattaya:

Note that version number with upper-case letters is not a correct PHP-standardized version number. Because of that the version_compare function might not work as you expected.
vardump(versioncompare('2.1.0-dev', '2.1.0-beta', '<')); // expected: true
vardump(versioncompare('2.1.0-DEV', '2.1.0-BETA', '<')); // expected: true
vardump(versioncompare('2.1.0-DEV', '2.1.0-dev', '<')); // expected: false


I've seen in the code version_compare checks such as
version_compare(\Doctrine\Common\Version::VERSION, '2.2.0-DEV', '>=')
It's not big deal 'cause for example 2.2.0 is still > 2.2.0-DEV as well as 2.2.1, etc.

See also https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=62586


Comment created by @asm89:

As far as I can see it works for our use case. If you are experiencing real world problems feel free to re-open the issue.


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