DDC-1965: Multiple Index fails if index name not specified #2638

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Jira issue originally created by user pont:

@ORM\Table(name="applications", indexes={@ORM\Index(name="cslidx", columns={"createdAt", "status", "loanType"}), @ORM\Index(name="s_idx", columns={"status"}), @ORM\Index(name="lidx", columns={"loanType"})})

the above Annotation creates 3 different indexes BUT when:

  • @ORM\Table(name="applications", indexes={@ORM\Index(columns={"createdAt", "status", "loanType"}), @ORM\Index(columns={"status"}), @ORM\Index(columns={"loanType"})})

index-names not specified Symfony2 schemaUpdate tools shows only the last Index

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