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DDC-2030: better way to detect class parents #2708

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Jira issue originally created by user goetas:

Currently i'm heavy using doctrine to generate entities starting form database schema (aprox 500 tables with thousand of relations).

I'm trying to detect some inheritance cases, but there is a problem.

Doctrine always uses PHP class inheritance to detect entity hierarchy, but generating entities starting from database, i have not yet any php class.

There is a better way to detect entities hierarchy? Without php classes...
Mapping files should be self-sufficient, even without php files.

The practical case is:
in DatabaseDriver i'm trying to call $metadata->addDiscriminatorMapClass($name, $className) method, but it raises an exception if $classNam does not exists.

Even if i manualy create XML mapping files, and then i try to generate php entityes. There is the same problem. XmlDriver tries to call setDiscriminatorMap method that raises the same exception.

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