DDC-2043: Extra cache operation in DBAL\Cache\ResultCacheStatement.php #2722

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Jira issue originally created by user bogdan.albei:

This is the closeCursor() method in DBAL\Cache\ResultCacheStatement.php:

public function closeCursor()
        if ($this->emptied && $this->data !== null) {
            $data = $this->resultCache->fetch($this->cacheKey);
            if ( ! $data) {
                $data = array();
            $data[$this->realKey] = $this->data;

            $this->resultCache->save($this->cacheKey, $data, $this->lifetime);

We are using Memcache and I noticed an extra GET operation on all cache misses. In the code above I believe the fetch call is not necessary and that the code would do the same without it.
Also, may I ask why is the SQL used as a key in the cached data?


Comment created by stof:

The SQL is used as a key because it is what identifies the query which is done (well, the statement and the parameters)


Comment created by bogdan.albei:

The cacheKey already identifies the query(or at least it should). Would we have cases where different queries would want to use the same cache key?

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