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DDC-2076: Optimization for MEMBER OF #2758

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Jira issue originally created by user stof:

Currently, using MEMBER OF for a ManyToMany collection does a join on the table of the related entity, whereas all it needs is in the join table.

Using the following DQL:

SELECT p FROM Player p
WHERE NOT :team MEMBER OF p.targetedBy

Here is the current generated SQL:

WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM player*team p1_ INNER JOIN Team t2_ ON p1_.team_id = WHERE p1_.player_id = AND t2*.id = ?)

whereas it could drop the join:

WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM player*team p1_ WHERE p1_.player_id = AND*id = ?)

Comment created by stof:

[~guilhermeblanco] is there any case where the CollectionMemberExpression would really need to join the target entity table rather than just using the join table ? I don't see any

@beberlei beberlei was assigned by doctrinebot
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