DDC-2080: Entity's association changes after first call #2763

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Jira issue originally created by user iamkoby:

i am using the latest version of doctrine: 2.3

when you call a generated association function, the first time everything is fine:

$authors = $book->getBookToAuthors();
//$authors = array(5)
but the second time instead of returning the array of all associations it returns the last hydrated entity:

$authors = $book->getBookToAuthors();
//$authors = BookToAuthor entity
that happens even when there is nothing else happening:

$authors = $book->getBookToAuthors(); //will work
$authors = $book->getBookToAuthors(); //won't work
the function of getBookToAuthors() is:

public function getBookToAuthors()
return $this->bookToAuthors;
and the mapping is as follows:


  • @var BookToAuthor[] *
  • @OneToMany(targetEntity="BookToAuthor", mappedBy="book", cascade={"persist"})
  • @JoinColumn(name="id", referencedColumnName="book_id", onDelete="cascade") */ private $bookToAuthors; please advise. i don't know what to do... :-(

Comment created by iamkoby:

sorry sorry sorry
it was a mistake in the association target side.

the target had One-To-One association instead of Many-To-One


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