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DDC-2109: Duplicate joinTableColumns mapping for ManyToMany with resolve target entity #2795

doctrinebot opened this Issue Oct 31, 2012 · 1 comment

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Jira issue originally created by user bakura:

I use the resolve target entity listener quite often for generic code. However I found an issue with ManyToMany relationships, when the target entity is modified by the listener.

The problem is that the _validateAndCompleteManyToManyMapping in PersistentCollection duplicate the joinTableColumns, so this means that when creating an entity, Doctrine send twice the number of parameters, which of course fail.

Here is a test that reproduce the problem.

public function testAssertTableColumnsAreNotAddedInManyToMany()
        $evm = $this->em->getEventManager();
        $evm->addEventListener(Events::loadClassMetadata, $this->listener);
        $cm = $this->factory->getMetadataFor('Doctrine\Tests\ORM\Tools\ResolveTargetEntity');
        $meta = $cm->associationMappings['manyToMany'];

        $this->assertSame('Doctrine\Tests\ORM\Tools\TargetEntity', $meta['targetEntity']);
        $this->assertEquals(array('resolvetargetentity*id', 'targetinterface*id'), $meta['joinTableColumns']);

Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

@beberlei beberlei was assigned by doctrinebot Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot added this to the 2.3.1 milestone Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot closed this Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot added the Bug label Dec 7, 2015
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