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DDC-2149: lte with or conditional not working #2838

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Jira issue originally created by user jhvaras:

->from('Veiss\BoletusBundle\Entity\Calendar', 'c')
->where("(c.endDate >= 111) OR (c.startDate >= 222)")

returns correctly:
"SELECT AS id0 FROM Calendar c0_ WHERE (c0_.endDate >= 111) OR (c0.startDate >= 222)"

but lte condition:
->where("(c.endDate <= 111) OR (c.startDate >= 222)")

returns incorrectly:
"SELECT AS id0 FROM Calendar c0_ WHERE (c0.endDate = 222)"

I have tested that an same occurs with "expr()->lte"


Comment created by jhvaras:

Tested and issued in v2.1.7


Comment created by @ocramius:

Can you please try upgrading? 2.1.x won't get any more updates as far as I know.


Comment created by jhvaras:

Hi Marco,

We cannot upgrade as we are developing under Symfony 2.0



Comment created by @beberlei:

Cannot reproduce issue with the attached test-case. Works perfectly with 2.1.7


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