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DDC-2191: Bug in QueryBuilder::add() method, param $append has no effect for where/having DQL parts #2885

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Jira issue originally created by user relo_san:

Now $append param of QueryBuilder::add() method has no effect for where and having parts.

In example:

$query->add('where', 'u.some = ?1');
$query->add('where', 'u.other = ?2', true);

will result in the loss of condition u.some = ?1

Explanation in code
526 line of Doctrine/ORM/QueryBuilder.php, part of body add() method:

if ($append && $isMultiple) {
    if (is_array($dqlPart)) {
        $key = key($dqlPart);
        $this->_dqlParts[$dqlPartName][$key][] = $dqlPart[$key];
    } else {
        $this->_dqlParts[$dqlPartName][] = $dqlPart;
} else {
    $this->_dqlParts[$dqlPartName] = ($isMultiple) ? array($dqlPart) : $dqlPart;

According to the code above $append parameter is checked in conjunction with $isMultiple variable, which is:

$isMultiple = is*array($this->*dqlParts[$dqlPartName]);

But in 56 line of this file, class property \*dqlParts keys where and having are equal _null*:

private $_dqlParts = array(
    'distinct' => false,
    'select'  => array(),
    'from'    => array(),
    'join'    => array(),
    'set'     => array(),
    'where'   => null,
    'groupBy' => array(),
    'having'  => null,
    'orderBy' => array()

As a result, for the parts where and having condition $append && $isMultiple will never be true, regardless of $append value.

I can offer a patch on Github to fix this bug, if necessary.


Comment created by @beberlei:

This was and will never be allowed, i introduced an exception to show a way out, you need to look at QueryBuilder#andWhere for example to see a solution to append to where clauses.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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