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In order to save space and bandwidth when installing doctrine using Composer, I have added .gitattributes removing files and folders unnecessary when using doctrine as a dependecy.

(extracted from http://getcomposer.org/doc/02-libraries.md#light-weight-distribution-packages)

Including the tests and other useless information like .travis.yml in distributed packages is not a good idea.

The .gitattributes file is a git specific file like .gitignore also living at the root directory of your library. It overrides local and global configuration (.git/config and ~/.gitconfig respectively) when present and tracked by git.

Use .gitattributes to prevent unwanted files from bloating the zip distribution packages.

// .gitattributes
/Tests export-ignore
phpunit.xml.dist export-ignore
Resources/doc/ export-ignore
.travis.yml export-ignore
Test it by inspecting the zip file generated manually:

git archive branchName --format zip -o file.zip

Note: Files would be still tracked by git just not included in the distribution. This will only work for GitHub packages installed from dist (i.e. tagged releases) for now.


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