DDC-2217: Return a lazy collection from PersistentCollection::match($criteria) #2914

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Jira issue originally created by user stof:

In 2.3, PersistentCollection::match() has been implemented by doing the query directly. But sometimes, the only meaningful information about the matched collection would be its length. In this case, it would be great to handle it in the same way than extra lazy collections are handled: the matched collection would be initialized lazily, and could do the count in an extra lazy way (if the original collection was extra lazy).
This would of course not change anything in the case where the original collection was already initialized.


Comment created by maciekpak:

It will be very usefull, for example to compute count of rows.

In 300 rows, you do not want fetch data from database to compute length of this.

Function matching(Criteria $criteria) fetch too many data for just compute count of rows.


Comment created by stof:

This is exactly the use case I add in mind actually


Comment created by bakura:

+1 on this one! This is absolutely needed when we use the Selectable API as the abstraction for some libraries.


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