DDC-2281: Validation against database-first generated xml requires that the column order within a composite primary key match the order the columns are in in mapping xml #2981

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Jira issue originally created by user mcaden:

In using a database-first approach utilizing orm:convert-mapping to generate xml, the validation and schema-tool reports that my composite primary key (ex. Columns A, C, B) be dropped and added in the order in which the mapping appears in the xml (ex. Columns A, B, C).

These columns are not auto-increment and are simply a mixture of int and varchar.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Is the composite key a mix of association and field types?


Comment created by mcaden:

I'm trying to remember the usage as it was a short term project but I believe it is.

For example a user has a userid.

The table in question might have a primary key consisting of the userid and an int representing a year..

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