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DDC-2297: Add ConstraintException for parent row #2998

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Jira issue originally created by user yourwebmaker:

Currently there is no constraint check for entities that depends another one.
I always check the dependencies using repository. Something like this:

$childRepository = $em->getRepository('Child');
$parent = $em->getReference('app:Parent', $id);
$children = $childRepository->findBy(array('parent' => $parent));

if ($children) {
    throw new Exception('You can not delete this record. There are records related');


This exception could be thrown in $em->flush(); or could look like:

try {
    $parentEntity = $em->gerReference('ParentEntity', $id);
catch (SomeORMNamespace\ConstraintException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage(); //outs: You cannot remove this entity. There is another one related.

I think this functionality could be implemented through metadata on any sides of the relationship or on the @Entity mapping.

@Entity(children={'Child'}) //this is not a good attr name =)
class Parent {}

I know that is more app business logic related, but is it possible to implement this feature in next releases?


Comment created by @beberlei:

This is responsiblity of the the application developer.

You can implement this generically using parts of the API shown below:

$metadata = $entityManager->getClassMetadata("ClassName");

foreach ($metadata->associationMappings as $assoc) {
   if ($assoc['type'] & ClassMetadata::TO_ONE) {


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