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Jira issue originally created by user itoijala:

Currently (2.0 Alpha 1) QueryBuilder does not support limit or offset functionality. These were supported in Doctrine 1 and should be added. QueryBuilder's value is significantly lower without these features because simple pagination is not possible. Methods limit($limit) and offset($offset) should be added to QueryBuilder, like in Doctrine 1. Query already has support for limit and offset, so this should not be a large change.


Comment created by romanb:

You can set the limit/offset on the query when you're done building it.

$qb = $em->createQueryBuilder();
//.. build your query
$q = $qb->getQuery();
$result = $q->getResult();

LIMIT/OFFSET is no longer part of DQL.

We may consider adding forwarding methods to QueryBuilder, similar to setParameter() but only if there is some advantage to it. Is there?


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

Although it's currently possible to be done via Query retrieval, I think Ismo is correct and we should add 2 delegate methods to setFirstResult and setMaxResults.
That would make QueryBuilder more complete and easy to follow the workflow (Query <=> QueryBuilder).

I'm +1 to add it. If you agree, I can implement the patch and attach to next release.


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

I found this enhancement interesting and implemented this. I committed a patch to support it in trunk, so in next alpha it'll be available.

Changeset: http://trac.doctrine-project.org/changeset/6415



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