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DDC-2318: Count all element #3022

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Jira issue originally created by user xzan:


I'm sorry if it is not the right place to ask and suggest but I was not sure where to contact you.

I have been trying to make a pagination of articles without using DQL. For me, it defies the purpose of the ORM to do DQL for things like pagination.

After some research I found the method findBy() which allows me to select X element starting at position Y.
Yet, to know the number of pages, I needed to count the number of elements in my database and I didn't find any count() method in the Entity Repository.

I was wondering why there is no count method ?

Moreover, I did my own entity Repository that extends the default one to have a count method like this :

```use Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository;

class CountableEntityRepository extends EntityRepository {

 * returns the number of entity's rows
 * @return int
public function count() {
    $query = $this->createQueryBuilder('e')->select('count(e)')->getQuery();
    return $query->getSingleScalarResult();


as I am new to Doctrine I don't know if this is a good solution, if it is not, could you add a count method to the repository ?

Thank you very much.



Comment created by @ocramius:


First of all, consider that this is an issue tracker, not a Q&A platform (use StackOverflow, the mailing list or IRC for that).

Anyway, the use case seems reasonable to me, but consider that Doctrine comes with a powerful paginator ( )

I don't think this logic fits repositories by default.


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