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Jira issue originally created by user pcastrotigre:

I am creating my own bundle in Sf2 which will be used for third libraries, but I need to provide some simple and complex queries from this.
For simple queries i have no problem because I set the repository with the class from the third library.
Something like this:

$this->repository = $this->em->getRepository($className);
$result = $this->repository
            ->select('c, d, e')
            ->join("c.groups", "d")
            ->join("d.users", "e")
            ->where("e.id = :userId")
            ->setParameter("userId", $userId);

return $result->getQuery()->getResult();

But when I need complex queries i have to work with the Entity Manager instead of working with the Repository. So tables are named as MyBundle (Group), but not how the third library named (sf_group). As a consequence the SQL throws an error saying that my table does not exist.
This is how I am trying to retrieve:

$query = $this->em->createQuery("SELECT p FROM Groups p");

I sent the className as the entity to avoid this. Something like:

$query = $this->em->createQuery("SELECT p FROM ".$this->className." p");

However i need a lot of queries with JOINs, so i would have to change every entity name, which is not convenient.

What another way could I implemment this?

Thanks for your help.


Comment created by @beberlei:

This is a question for the mailinglist.

createQueryBuilder() and createQuery() have exactly the same functionality. Just a different API. You can do the same with both.


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