DDC-2495: Partial objects not working with STI #3215

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Jira issue originally created by user rejsmont:

When I try to create a query retrieving partial objects of a root class in single table inheritance hierarchy, the resulting SQL includes all fields from the whole class hierarchy.

SELECT partial v.{id, setupDate, flipDate} FROM VIB\FliesBundle\Entity\Vial v WHERE v.id IN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

SELECT v0.setupDate AS setupDate0, v0_.flipDate AS flipDate1, v0_.id AS id2, v0_.type AS type3, v0_.parent_id AS parent_id4, v0_.position_id AS position_id5, v0_.prevPosition_id AS prevPosition_id6, v0_.incubator_id AS incubator_id7, v0_.stock_id AS stock_id8, v0_.male_id AS male_id9, v0_.virgin_id AS virgin_id10, v0_.targetStock_id AS targetStock_id11, v0_.targetStockVial_id AS targetStockVial_id12 FROM Vial v0_ WHERE (v0_.id IN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)) AND v0.type IN ('vial', 'stock', 'cross', 'injection')


Comment created by @FabioBatSilva:

Could you please provide your entities ?



Comment created by rejsmont:

This is the whole class hierarchy.


Comment created by rejsmont:

I have actually noticed, that the "partial" keyword is ignored even for entities that are not using any inheritance schema. So it seems that this keyword is generally ignored.

Right now the following query:

SELECT e, partial p.{id}, o, s FROM VIB\FliesBundle\Entity\StockVial e LEFT JOIN e.parent p LEFT JOIN e.position o LEFT JOIN e.stock s WHERE e.setupDate > :date AND e.trashed = false ORDER BY e.setupDate DESC ORDER BY e.id DESC

would result in the following SQL:

SELECT v0.setupDate AS setupDate0, v0_.flipDate AS flipDate1, v0_.notes AS notes2, v0_.size AS size3, v0_.labelPrinted AS labelPrinted4, v0_.trashed AS trashed5, v0_.temperature AS temperature6, v0_.id AS id7, v1_.id AS id8, r2_.rackRow AS rackRow9, r2_.rackColumn AS rackColumn10, r2_.id AS id11, s3_.name AS name12, s3_.genotype AS genotype13, s3_.notes AS notes14, s3_.vendor AS vendor15, s3_.infoURL AS infoURL16, s3_.verified AS verified17, s3_.id AS id18, v0_.type AS type19, v0_.parent_id AS parent_id20, v0_.position_id AS position_id21, v0_.prevPosition_id AS prevPosition_id22, v0_.incubator_id AS incubator_id23, v0_.stock_id AS stock_id24, v1_.type AS type25, v1_.parent_id AS parent_id26, v1_.position_id AS position_id27, v1_.prevPosition_id AS prevPosition_id28, v1_.incubator_id AS incubator_id29, v1_.stock_id AS stock_id30, v1_.male_id AS male_id31, v1_.virgin_id AS virgin_id32, v1_.targetStock_id AS targetStock_id33, v1_.targetStockVial_id AS targetStockVial_id34, r2_.rack_id AS rack_id35, s3_.sourceCross_id AS sourceCross_id36 FROM Vial v0_ LEFT JOIN Vial v1_ ON v0_.parent_id = v1_.id AND v1_.type IN ('vial', 'stock', 'cross', 'injection') LEFT JOIN RackPosition r2_ ON v0_.position_id = r2_.id LEFT JOIN Stock s3_ ON v0_.stock_id = s3_.id WHERE (v0_.setupDate > '2013-04-11' AND v0_.trashed = 0) AND v0_.type IN ('stock') ORDER BY v0_.setupDate DESC, v0.id DESC

Please note that ALL properties of parent have been included in the generated SQL.

You can find the whole project (Symfony2) on github: https://github.com/rejsmont/LabDB




Comment created by rejsmont:

I have noticed that using the setHint(Doctrine\ORM\Query::HINTFORCE_PARTIALLOAD, 1) forces partial load, however then even the entities I want loaded entirely (with proxied references) are partially loaded (i.e. all the references are forced to null, unless explicitly loaded via join).

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