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DDC-2550: Inverse side of x-to-one can never be lazy #3276

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Jira issue originally created by user hosiplan:

Here is a note that "Inverse side of x-to-one can never be lazy"

I don't understand, why there cannot be a proxy. But ok, let's say that for some internal implementation reason there canno be a proxy yet. That means there should be at least an exception raised, when validating schema, telling me this crucial information.

Doing a select over 500 entities would result in 501 queries just because I didn't know about this.
If the validator would tell me, I'd join the entity and had 1 query executed.

Resoltion: you shouldn't allow me to define the association as lazy, or use proxies.

Thank you.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Duplicate of DDC-357


Issue was closed with resolution "Duplicate"

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