DDC-2586: BasicEntityPersister::_insertSql have old cached value, even if classmetadata changes #3315

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Jira issue originally created by user umed:

BasicEntityPersister caches *insertSql into the *insertSql property field. Its probably good, however I have a problem with it.

My class metadata can changed dynamically, and for example, if entity table has been changed, _insertSql value does not change.

For example, lets say I have such situation:

$entity = new MyEntity('somevalue');
$metadata = $entityManager->getClassMetadata('MyEntity');
$metadata->setPrimaryTable(array('name' => 'myentity_1'));
$entityManager->persist($entity); // here insertSql is already cached with `myentity1` table name

$entity = new MyEntity('somevalue2');
$metadata = $entityManager->getClassMetadata('MyEntity');
$metadata->setPrimaryTable(array('name' => 'myentity_2'));
$entityManager->persist($entity); // here _insertSql DOES NOT CHANGE, even if class metadata has been changed, because its already cached and does not listens to the class metadata changes

// and the result I have 2 rows in the same myentity_1 table, but I want to have it in the different tables.

There is no method to clear **insertSql value, and no method to make it know about class metadata changes.
I want to see official solution for this problem


Comment created by @FabioBatSilva:

You CANNOT change metadata on the fly.

If you really need to change metadata you can use implement a subscriber/listener listening to loadClassMetadata events..



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