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DDC-2595: UoW is not supposed to trigger the post-load event for uninitialized proxies. #3325

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Jira issue originally created by user shiroyuki:

When one entity have multiple nested levels and associated to 700 other entities, the ORM exhausts a large amount of memory and execution time which exceeds either the memory limit or the maximum execution time.


  1. generate an entity, named "Mr. G", with 4 nested levels of association.
  2. ensure that the generated entity associating to 700 entities.
  3. create a post-load event listener which may or may not be restricted to uninitialized proxies.

How to Reproduce:

  1. have a code to load the "Mr. G" entity. X. (Done)

The initial investigation indicates that UnitOfWork should not trigger the post-load event for uninitialized proxies.

One thing worth-mentioning is that if the event listener ignores all proxies, we will not have this problem. However, some properties (e.g., ones of type TEXT/BLOB) are not loaded into normal entities but they are loaded into the proxies.

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