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DDC-2621: Paginator with ORDER BY not working in MSSQL #3354

doctrinebot opened this Issue Aug 20, 2013 · 5 comments

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Jira issue originally created by user flip101:

PHP code to test (A symfony 2.3 controller):
public function testAction() {
$em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
$query = $em->createQuery("
SELECT report, user
FROM Report:Report report

    JOIN report.user user

    WHERE = ?1
    ORDER BY report.created DESC
$query->setParameter(1, 1);
$results = new Paginator($query, $fetchJoinCollection = true);
foreach ($results as $result) {}; // This was needed to trigger the query o_O

return new Response();


One User to Many Reports

An exception occurred while executing '
,r0_.Naam AS Naam1
,r0_.Omschrijving AS Omschrijving2
,r0_.aangemaakt AS aangemaakt3
,r0_.gewijzigd AS gewijzigd4
,r0_.verwijderd AS verwijderd5
,g1_.username AS username6
,g1.username_canonical AS usernamecanonical7
, AS email8
,g1.email_canonical AS emailcanonical9
,g1_.enabled AS enabled10
,g1_.salt AS salt11
,g1_.password AS password12
,g1.last_login AS lastlogin13
,g1_.locked AS locked14
,g1_.expired AS expired15
,g1.expires_at AS expiresat16
,g1.confirmation_token AS confirmationtoken17
,g1.password_requested_at AS password_requestedat18
,g1_.roles AS roles19
,g1.credentials_expired AS credentialsexpired20
,g1.credentials_expire_at AS credentials_expireat21
, AS id22
FROM Rapporten r0_
INNER JOIN Gebruiker g1* ON r0_.GebruikerId = g1*.id
WHERE ( = ?)
AND (r0_.verwijderd IS NULL)
ORDER BY r0_.aangemaakt DESC
) dctrn_result
' with params [1]:

SQLSTATE[42000]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP or FOR XML is also specified.



Comment created by flip101:

I didn't get the Paginator working yet, but as i understand this is the first of 3 (maybe 2) queries, as described here: It seems that in this first query it's not necessary to SELECT all these columns, so there is an opportunity here for a performance boost when not selecting them. (They still have to be selected in the final query to get the results).


Comment created by @beberlei:

Duplicate of DDC-2622


Issue was closed with resolution "Duplicate"


Comment created by flip101:

It's not because, that one is on a different Doctrine version and the SQL looks differently as well.


Comment created by @doctrinebot:

A related Github Pull-Request [GH-789] was closed:

@beberlei beberlei was assigned by doctrinebot Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot closed this Dec 6, 2015
@doctrinebot doctrinebot added the Bug label Dec 7, 2015
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