DDC-263: YAML and XML Driver do not support cascading options "all", "detach". Also: Improvement of YAML Syntax (Patch attached) #3363

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Jira issue originally created by user shurakai:

Hi there,

I've attached a small patch which addresses the following issues:

-> YAML did not support cascading options "all" (as described in documentation) and "detach" (as used in AssociationMapping class). The attached patch fixes that.

-> XML does not support these things either, but the attached patch DOES NOT FIX THAT (see below).

Also addressed:

YAML had syntax like cascadeRemove, cascadePersist etc., but the documentation for the annotation driver uses only "persist, remove" etc.

This patch changes the syntax to the following:

cascade: [ persist, remove ]



  • persist
  • remove

(Both work!)

It is now also possible to use cascade: [all]

The YAML Driver was changed in that way that he must not know about the currently supported cascate actions. This has been pushed towards the AssociationMapping and I strongly believe that this is the right way.

On the other hand, I did not* change the XML Driver functionality. It does still know about the cascade actions and does most probably *not support the detach and "all" actions. That should be fixed, but won't take too long.


Comment created by shurakai:

  • YAML Driver fixed.
  • XML Driver fixed (supports now both cascade-persist and (because the other drivers do not use the prefixed cascade-) single "persist")

  • I've modified the UnitTests to cover cascade="all" for XML & YAML


Comment created by romanb:

That patch looks good but there seem to be tabs in your patches. Please make sure that you use "soft tabs" (4 spaces) in your editor.


Comment created by shurakai:

Resolved tab issue.


Comment created by romanb:

Patch applied. Thanks! So this will be included in todays ALPHA4 release.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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