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DDC-2695: Order by clause left in subquery when using MSSQL and Paginator #3435

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Jira issue originally created by user manseuk:

When using the Doctrine paginator and Fetch Join Collections = true and when the original query has an "ORDER BY" clause in it - the subquery created is something like "SELECT DISTINCT FROM (.... ORDER BY ....) as dctrn_result" - when using Microsoft SQL server having the "ORDER BY" clause in a subquery throws an error. This is a similar problem to[DDC-2282]( but that was for the Count Walker - this is for the LimitSubqueryOutputWalker. The fix is the same.


Comment created by manseuk:

Problem still occurs in 2.4 - but different error message,

Query :

SELECT * FROM (SELECT DISTINCT id0, ROW*NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY c1_.iccid ASC) AS doctrine_rownum FROM (SELECT AS id0, w0_.batch_id AS batch_id1, AS id2, c1_.iccid AS iccid3, AS id4, c2_.msisdn AS msisdn5, AS id6, AS name7, AS id8, AS id9, AS name10, AS id11, w6_.created AS created12, AS id13, w7_.ident AS ident14, AS id15, w8_.ident AS ident16, AS id17, AS id18, c10_.contract_length AS contract_length19, c10_.rental AS rental20, AS id21, w11_.ident AS ident22 FROM workflow_request w0_ WITH (NOLOCK) INNER JOIN core_sim c1_ ON w0_.sim = LEFT JOIN core_connection c2_ ON c1_.active_connection_id = INNER JOIN core_billing_account c3_ ON c1_.billing_account_id = INNER JOIN core_mno_account c4_ ON c1_.mno_account_id = INNER JOIN core_mno c5_ ON c4_.mno_id = INNER JOIN workflow_request_log w6_ ON = w6_.request INNER JOIN workflow_action w7_ ON w0_.action = INNER JOIN workflow_request_status w8_ ON w0_.status = INNER JOIN core_customer_solution c9_ ON w0_.customer_solution = INNER JOIN core_customer_tariff c10_ ON c9_.customer_tariff_id = INNER JOIN workflow_request_action w11_ ON w6_.request_action = WHERE w7_.ident IN (?) AND w8_.ident = ? AND w11_.ident = ?) dctrn_result) AS doctrine_tbl WHERE doctrine*rownum BETWEEN 1 AND 25' with params ["activate", "network", "approved"]

Error :
SQLSTATE[42000]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The multi-part identifier "c1_.iccid" could not be bound.

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