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Jira issue originally created by user pawellen:

Doctrine can't quote (character) collumn and table names. Hundreds of times I use doctrine I have same problem, errors in queries becouse of using names like in sql language, for example table namegroup, collumn nameorder`. It is very annoying. I cant change collumn/table names it is used by other systems I have no influence on them. Doctine becomes unusable.


Comment created by @ocramius:

You can use a custom quoting strategy or the technique described at http://docs.doctrine-project.org/en/latest/reference/basic-mapping.html#quoting-reserved-words to achieve this.

Doctrine does not fix bad naming decisions.


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Comment created by pawellen:

Ok, thx. I have just written GraveAccentQuoteStrategy class and it works good.

But I have to tell You that you should not say "Doctrine does not fix bad naming decisions." becouse my sytuation is that I am writting system for telecommunication company and they have their own databases and many other applications created by third party companies witch use this databases and they were created aprox 5-15 years ago so it wasnt my desicion :) Doctrine is a tool that helps - not causes problems :)
Btw. Good job thanx for QuoteStrategy option !


Comment created by stof:

The default quoting strategy supports using quoted names by specifying it in the mapping. so you don't even need to create a custom strategy most of the time.

and Marco never said it was you taking the bad decision :)

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