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DDC-2730: Natural ordering in QueryBuilder #3473

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Jira issue originally created by user sergio.pavon:

Maybe this is not the best place to ask for a feature supported by doctrine. I apologize if I've chosen wrong channel.
I can't find an easy way to do natural text ordering with QueryBuilder. OrderBy lets us order text, but I want to order including accents and other simbols. For instance, if we have this words:
Alabama, Boston, Álamo, Cardiff.
Natural order: Alabama, Álamo, Boston, Cardiff.
But current Doctrine order: Albama, Boston, Cardiff, Álamo.

I know that I can create a custom function or use native query, but I think that natural order often occurs. There are DBMS specific functions like TRANSLATE or REPLACE that can help, but I think that doctrine not support them.

Thank you,


Comment created by @ocramius:

This depends on the collation of your DB/Table/Column, not on Doctrine itself.


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