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DDC-2829: Retrieve fieldName from PersistentCollection #3582

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Jira issue originally created by user raziel057:


I use a custom listener based on the one of Knp DoctrineBehavior: and I would like to use $uow->getScheduledCollectionDeletions() and $uow->getScheduledCollectionUpdates() to add the modifications from manyToMany relations. (like described here:!topic/doctrine-user/ONDh5H4hMYQ).

So I itereate on the returned array to get a PersistentCollection from which I'm able to call:

$col->getOwner() : to retrieve the owning entity (the entity at the owning side of the association).

$col->getDeleteDiff() : to retrieve the entities that will be removed from the collection.

$col->getInsertDiff() : to retrieve the entities that will be added to the collection.

$col->getSnapshot() : to retrieve the last snapshot.

$col->toArray() : to retrieve the current entities in the collection.

That's good, and I can get all information about the association mapping but I can't retrieve the fieldName.

I think it could be easily added when initializing the PersistentCollection by adding fieldName in the $assoc parameter before to call setOwner() ?



Comment created by raziel057:

In fact it's already possible by getting fieldName on after clling $col->getMapping();


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