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DDC-2840: Allow "options" on the id element for XmlDriver and AnnotationDriver #3594

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Jira issue originally created by user luxforma:

XmlDriver and AnnotationDriver does not allow for "options" on the "id" element, which the YamlDriver does.

This would help, since specifying "unsigned integer" using column-definition will make the doctrine orm:schema-tool:update think that the unsigned column in the database table doesn't match the signed integer in the mapping.

    if (isset($idElement['options'])) {
        $mapping['options'] = $idElement['options'];

Changes would need to take place in Doctrine\ORM\XmlDriver, doctrine-mapping.xsd and Doctrine\ORM\AnnotationDriver

I've come around this by extending the XmlDriver to parse the "options" element, and using a modified xsd file, but it would be helpful it it was actually part of doctrine.

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