DDC-2870: Doctrine error when using SUM(a.id=1) as `ìdentifier`: Expected Doctrine\ORM\Query\Lexer::T_CLOSE_PARENTHESIS, got '=' #3627

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Jira issue originally created by user c4d3r:

Doctrine error when using SUM(a.id=1) as ìdentifier: Expected Doctrine\ORM\Query\Lexer::TCLOSEPARENTHESIS, got '='

I am trying to execute a query in doctrine that contains something like this

SUM(a.id = 1) as 1
for some reasons it always gives me the following error:

[Syntax Error] line 0, col 15: Error: Expected Doctrine\ORM\Query\Lexer::TCLOSEPARENTHESIS, got '='
This is the code i am using

$result = $em->getRepository('MyBundle:PlayerAction')
'SUM(a.id=1) as 1,
SUM(a.id=2) as 2,
SUM(a.id=3) as 3,
->innerJoin('pa.action', 'a')
->innerJoin('pa.player', 'p')
->where('pa.timestamp > ?1')
->setParameter(1, time() - $time)
->orderBy('p.playerName', 'ASC');

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